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Power Wallet - Phone Charging POCKET Wallet w/ Slim Battery

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Chestnut Brown

Let's face it our phone's battery life can't keep up with our active lifestyles! Typically there have only been two options...

1. Putting a bulky battery case on your phone

2. Carrying an external battery in your pocket, just adding another thing you have to bring with you on a daily basis

However we wanted to create a 3rd and better option, and so we built a battery bank into something you already have to carry with you everyday...your wallet!

Our Folio Power Wallet offers maximum capacity and includes a 4000 mAh super slim battery to recharge most phones 1-2x. The included battery incorporates a built-in cable with Micro-USB AND your choice of an Apple Lightning adapter for charging iPhones or USB Type-C adapter.

 Dimensions: 2.87" x 4.75" x .56" (73mm x 121mm x 14mm)

  • Three Card Slots
  • ID Card Slot w/Thumb Cutout (Easy Access)
  • Premium Pebbled Leather
  • No Need To Remove Battery To Charge Your Phone
  • Slim 4,000 mAh Lithium Polymer battery (can recharge most phones 2x)
  • integrated Micro-USB cable and Lightning adapter for iPhones

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