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Our Values

We're setting out to create a different kind of company. A company driven by passionate employees that are trusted and empowered. Unlike traditional corporations, at VoltNow, there are no geographic boundaries and no fixed work hours. Tracking hours and vacation time seem like antiquated ideologies that are rooted in a lack of trust and frankly are not even correlated to productivity and results. We love what we do and have a great team we trust to move us forward.

VoltNow Values

Trust : At VoltNow, we hire great people and surround ourselves with great people. As a result, we trust each other and have high expectations of each other. We do not tolerate a culture where individuals and departments constantly criticize and belittle other areas. 

Empowerment : Because we only hire "A" players, we believe that micro-managing such individuals tends to actually lower productivity and decrease results. Time and time again, we've seen great employees fly well above expectations when given adequate resources and room to grow. We are not threatened by excellence.

Balance : This is often associated with work-life balance but we take a more holistic approach. While we want you to be passionate about your job, we also understand that people have many other passions and priorities. This may be family, hobbies, spiritual, health and other activities. We try to provide an environment for employees to achieve balance in life. We take a results oriented approach to hiring. This means things like your work schedule is flexible, work wherever you want, no mandatory recurring meetings and unlimited vacation. We work to set clear and measurable objectives and have high expectations but let you manage yourself to achieve those objectives. Sure, a small percent may abuse this relationship but they tend to get weeded out due to poor performance and lack of results. We do not agree on creating policies geared towards the minority of abusers and penalize the majority of the team.

Entrepreneurial : The company was founded with entrepreneurial passion. There are many definitions of entrepreneurship. We tend to believe that being entrepreneurial simply means being able to identify a customer need and utilize whatever limited resources you may have to bring that idea to fruition. Entrepreneurship was the spark that formed VoltNow and will continue to be the fuel to grow the company.

Creative : Running a business is no simple task. There will be constant surprises, challenges and customer demands. Creative minds are well equipped to develop solutions to these myriad of challenges. In addition, creative minds are able to be proactive and find new solutions to meet customer needs and continue to help the company thrive. We don't ever want to become an organization that focuses on maintaining status-quo and prioritizes keeping things stable over taking risks and being creative.

Humility : A humble person is always willing to learn. We hire confident, intelligent and passionate employees but have no room for ego, arrogance and disrespect. We can all learn from each other and need to understand that others bring different skill sets that we may not understand but should appreciate.

Passion : We often found lots of advice relating to doing work we love. A great quote that summarizes this is "do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life." As we grow up, we often accept jobs that are less than fulfilling and feel that this is just the way it has to be. At VoltNow, we believe that passion comes from taking true ownership of your responsibilities, being challenged, continually learning and growing. We try to provide the stage for you to excel and truly be passionate about your role here. If you are not passionate about our company, our customers or our products, it benefits neither of us and you should continue to seek your passions elsewhere.

Focus : Many of our values when combined can be extremely dangerous if they lack focus. Imagine a bunch of internal entrepreneurs, highly empowered and trusted to pursue creative endeavors. What brings this all together is a focused vision and direction for the company. Every employee should know exactly where the company is headed and what their contribution to that vision is. Sure, companies may have to adapt and shift directions, but again, every employee should be clear every step of the way. Focus also means that we do not have the resources to be all things to all people. At VoltNow, we are focused on the very specific task of empowering customers to stay connected.

Integrity : This involves how we treat others including employees, customers and even others outside of work. We expect honest ethical behavior at all times. We are not afraid of making and admitting mistakes and taking ownership of our decisions. In an entrepreneurial organization, calculated risks are made and mistakes are inevitable. This is understandable. Covering up mistakes, lying, deflecting and avoiding accountability is not. We never speak negatively of others including customers.

Innovation : This value is what makes working at VoltNow both challenging as well as fun. We like to look for constant areas to improve or find new ways of accomplishing something better, faster, easier. In today's global marketplace, competition is fierce. We will never build a sustainable business model offering "me-too" products. We are not trying to create a commodity business but rather a premium brand known known for innovative customer-centric solutions. We don't churn out huge quantities of products but rather obsess over the details to create something worth sharing with the world. Not only are our products innovative, our business practices are innovative as well. We strive to do things more creatively to improve efficiency and effectiveness.