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About VoltNow

What is VoltNow?

With modern technology moving at lightning speed, the challenge to stay connected has increased exponentially. VoltNow customers are not afraid of technology, but instead embrace it. They are leaders, innovators and early adopters. Their natural curiosity helps push companies forward and break boundaries.

We operate at that intersect of form and function and understand that one without the other means mediocrity. Our blend of aesthetic and obsession over every square millimeter means that we pour our heart and soul into every single product we produce without compromise. We will never be all things to all people, but we will certainly live up to our mission:

Our mission is simple... to design innovative products to empower customers to stay connected.

At VoltNow, our passion is designing products for customers that appreciate and understand innovation. VoltNow is not just a product company but a way of life for customers, employees and stakeholders. We know the bar is high and gladly accept the challenge.